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Demographic market segmentation is among the most typical approaches to segmenting markets. With this strategy, a business only divides the bigger marketplace into groups based on a number of defined traits. Age, race, gender, marital status, profession, schooling and income are among the usually considered demographics segmentation traits. As a simple case of use, a firm that sells feminine hygiene products includes Female in its explanation of its main market segment. Geographical segmentation is used by businesses which sell service or products specific to a certain neighborhood, state, area, nation or group of states. Local companies typically get no advantage in investing in national or worldwide marketing.

Psychographics or lifestyle segmentation became increasingly common as businesses look to determine customers based on passions and activities in place of demographics. For example, of this strategy’s benefits, consider the life-style of an outdoor adventurer. Camping out enthusiasts typically have few consistent demographics traits. Thus, marketers would probably target a section of outdoor hobbyists or camper for new camping out equipment through outdoor applications or magazines. Behavioral segmentation relies on user behaviors, including patterns of use, cost sensitivity, brand loyalty and advantages sought. A company can have clients with a comparable demographics make-up, but unique behavioural tendencies. Some might use the product daily, while some use it weekly or monthly.

Higher income earners might have more curiosity about high quality models versus economical models. This may prompt the supplier to target high end products and services to a group and much more value oriented offerings to low income or spending budget conscious customers. Segmenting for business clients frequently has overlap, but commonly includes geographic, client type and behaviour based strategies. Geographic business segmentation is comparable to that with customer segmenting. Customer kind segmenting might contain business size or the character of the company.


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