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Internet search engine spiders do not like dynamic webpages when parameters are connected to the end of the URL after question mark? character. URLs which contain? are called dynamic URLs. It’s dynamic since the page is usually generated through the use of information from a database. Dynamic webpage gives us the benefit of reusing a webpage for distinct information whenever we issue another ID to it. In case you’ve knowledge about HTML, you know the webpages you create typically have. These pages are static since HTML code do not change on the fly when required plus they’re not prepared by web servers for logic.

A webpage is considered to be dynamic when it is created through the use of server side scripting languages like php, asp, jsp, perl, cgi and so forth. They can only be treated by internet servers on the fly when the page is required by a visitor. Dynamic pages cannot be viewed with no web server. When a dynamic page is required, the web server first appears in the page’s source code and if no code server-side scripting code exist, it’ll process them and create static HTML result. When processing of the complete page was finished, internet server sends only pure HTML code to the internet visitor browser.

Using scripting languages to create webpages gives you the power to do almost whatever you need. In case the dynamic page has no? character in its URL, internet search engine spiders treat the page the same as an ordinary HTML static page. The portion after? is called the page’s query string parameter, or just query parameter. Each time when parameter changes, the resulted page may be different. A page URL may contain one or more? character. When this occurs, internet search engine spiders may have difficult time to index the resulted page.

In case the page has only one? character, major internet search engine spiders may crawl that page well. Yahoo, does index dynamic pages, but for page breakthrough, our crawler mainly follows static links. If you do decide to use dynamic pages, be aware that its not all internet search engine spider crawls dynamic pages as well as inactive pages. This implies the description of dynamic pages are these containing? characters in URL. Keep the parameters short. There’s no quantitative description given by Google, but we may check some web forums to see examples.