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interest targeting


興味の対象を絞った投稿で説明している人は劣った視聴者を獲得するかもしれないが、Facebookに関連して、それはより良い視聴者だ。これらの投稿は、興味の対象とされていない人のより多くの好き嫌い、意見、行動を得ています。それは、芸術と文化の範囲と、狭い問題に関心を示してきた人々に対して、真により小さい範囲のスポーツに向けて、好奇心を狙ったものを使用しています。インタレスト・ターゲットを用いて、ポップ・ヴォーカリストであるAriana Grandeのこのコンサートは、典型的なタイムズ・ポストの約40倍のコミットメントと、フェイスブックから生まれた歴史のトラフィックの約40%を占めている、とTimesのソーシャル・ネットワークのシンシア・コリンズ。



Facebook continues to be enlarging its role in the publishing environment, from attempting to manage publishers ad targeting to its contentious pitch to becoming them to post their items directly to the social media. In December, Facebook has implemented a feature that lets publishers targeting their editorial content to truly a subset of their followers based on their being truly a lover of the particular Facebook page, such as an athlete’s or Television show’s. So a pursuit targeted article may only appear in the news feed of somebody that has signaled an interest in the article subject rather than to others.

Interest targeted posts by description may achieve an inferior audience, but relating to Facebook, it’s a better audience. These posts are getting more likes, opinions and actions of those that haven’t been targeted by interest. It is used curiosity targeting for arts and culture coverage and, to truly a smaller extent, sports, to people who’ve indicated an interest in narrow issues. Using interest targeting, this narrative about pop vocalist Ariana Grande concert got 40 times as much commitment as the typical Times post and about 40 percent of the traffic to the history originated from Facebook, said, said Cynthia Collins, editor of social network in the Times.

At Ariana Grande show in Madison Square Garden last night, the cat ears worn by a large number of girls in the crowd lit up in time with the music. On one hand, interest targeting can be viewed as serving the reader by reach the right people and, simply as essential, not achieving the wrong ones. You are going to get individuals who’re knowledgeable and enthusiastic about it topic, Collins said. And on the other hand, curiosity targeting allows marketers utilize their Facebook feed more proficiently.

Now, the Times can post a larger number of articles, knowing not all may be put in front of all readers. Beyond targeting people by their interests, the Times can be found that interest targeting can give new life to stories which are a couple of days, as Collins said the Times did with one about Mad Men throughout the lens of pop culture through the years.