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visual identity

Robin Landaが独自のブランドを構築したこの抜粋は、あなたの個人的なブランド戦略を作成するためのアイデアを研究するのに役立ちます。あなたの才能や能力だけでなく、色だけに基づいて評価することができる場合はどうなりますか?1つの視覚的なシンボルであなたのエッセンスを理解することができたらどうでしょうか?または、簡単なソーシャルネットワークプロファイルですか?これは仕事です – 表現力のあるグラフィックコンポーネントと部品から独自のブランドとビジュアルアイデンティティーを構築することです。個々のアイデンティティコミュニケーションの問題に対する視覚的かつ口頭的な答えを開発して作成するには、情報から意味を識別し、情報、研究、および開発の反復を解説した革新的かつ概念的な手順を進め、意味の層。



This excerpt from Construct Its own brand by Robin Landa will help you research ideas to create your personal branding strategy. What if people could assess your talent and ability based only on colours as well as shapes? What if people could comprehend your essence through one visual symbol? Or a brief social network profile? that’s the job – to build your own brand and visual identity from representational graphic components and parts. To develop and create a visual and verbal answer to an individual identity communication trouble, you should discern meaning from info, proceed through innovative and conceptual procedures drawing upon information, research as well as iterations of developments boiled down into an answer, that’s been shaped by layers of meaning.

You might not even be a large fan of utilizing branding terms for people – not really for famous people like Jennifer Lopez or John Grisham. To procure a creative career you’ve to be a Identifiable kind of something, which is like a dictionary defines brand. Developing your own brand entails utilizing your design expertise to create an authentic visual individuality and verbal identity for yourself. You’re not an organization so your identity shouldn’t look like a corporate identity. Your typography, structure and copy must reflect your design sense and sensibility. Participating personal marketing can assure notice of yours. Making a transmedia individual marketing plan entails weaving some common threads through all visual as well as verbal elements across media, with the understanding that every medium can provide distinguishing brand experiences for the audience.

As opposed to approaching specific formats as isolated design solutions, it’s a strategic imperative to see every expression as well as platform from the visual identification to the whole branding a contributor to the entire branding. This cohesive approach is crucial to creating an experience based on your distinctive visual and verbal presence. A brand history tells the world exactly who you’re and what you’ve to offer. Whether in the shape of song lyrics, fiction or movies, documentaries or video games, folks love stories and find significance in stories. To tell a tale, you do not need to be a writer. Image plus words may tell a tale, as they do in marketing or single panel cartoons or on book covers or cards.