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Fashion promotion is concerned with satisfying the needs, wants, and requirements of your targeted customer, and these goals are achieved using the marketing mix. Fashion advertising is unique from fashion public relations because fashion PR is only concerned with communications and how a brand conveys with and resonates with it’s targeted customers. A fashion marketing strategy focuses on four important principles: product development, distribution management, communications, and cost. In order to implement an efficient advertising campaign, the marketing mix has to be consumer centric and concentrated on niche markets as opposed to catering to mass markets. This concept only implies that the marketing plan and execution must have consumers as well as their needs, wants, and requirements in the cutting edge and with a very defined market it intends to target.

Niche advertising is more focused and cost efficient and allows the marketer to concentrate on a certain marketplace segment. Otherwise, a mass advertising campaign is all over the area and lacks a definite customer to marketplace to. Picture if the high-end brand Louis Vuitton was a mass retailer as well as didn’t cater to a niche market. Louis Vuittton’s price tag does not permit the brand to cater to the masses, which is the reason the brand channels all its advertising communications to the luxury marketplace. That will not imply that the brand is off limits to customers who don’t exactly fall under the luxury marketplace, it only implies that the communication strategy as well as the brand identity would resonate more with customers in the luxury marketplace.

The most crucial component of the product development phase isn’t the product itself. The most crucial component of this stage are the customers. Consumers dictate all the components of the advertising strategy, and consequently, determines what the item is. Bear in mind that today’s extremely competitive global market requires that companies are consumer centric and concentrate on serving consumer’s needs. Consumers dictate what the pricing approach will be, the points of submission, the communications technique, and the final product result. At the instance given above regarding Louis Vuitton, the targeted customers dictate what the associated cost as well as value may be for the brand. There are two orientations of the product development stage. The company can be product oriented and select to develop products first then marketplace it to its targeted markets. The company can be more market oriented and section its markets first to determine their particular needs, wants, and requests and create the product to meet those wants.