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Research workers use two techniques to measure brand consciousness! brand remember and brand recognition, according to advertising professor Pierre Chandon of the European business school INSEAD. In brand recall tests, scientists measure the power of consumers to remember brand names in a certain product category. In a brand recognition test, research workers provide consumers with a brands list and ask if they could recall seeing any one of the brands before. Aim to make your mark the first name that consumers mention in a recall test. This can be vital as your brand also needs to be the first name that consumers remember when they’re making a purchasing decision on-line or in a store.

Brands that reach this position are described as Front of head and possess a strong competitive advantage. Success in a brand remember test is a quantify of the potency of your advertising activities. In case your brand reaches a low position in a test, change your promotion plan to concentrate on activities like promotion to raise consciousness. Brand acknowledgement tests measure the potency of different promotion decisions you’ve made, like picking one symbol design over another or using specific images in your promotion. Research workers show an ad, a symbol or a brand name and ask customers if they understand it or have seen it before.

Consumers might report which they identify a brand as one which they saw within an ad or a store display. The target for this evaluation is to achieve high degrees of recognition. The outcomes of the test may assist you to improve the content or design of the marketing communications in order that you improve acceptance levels and improve the return on your advertising expenditure. Tracking your brand following in social network is another useful measure of brand awareness.