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18122736 - hunting with a compound bow



この選択により、Football、Motorcycles、Xboxなどの特定のトピックに関するページに広告を掲載することができます。キーワードターゲットと一緒に、サッカーというキーワードを使用してターゲット設定することはできますが、Gossip&Tabloid Newsのカテゴリページには広告が表示されます。トピックターゲティングは、サッカー関連の広告を、サッカーの下に分類されたページにのみ保持します。ほぼすべてのAdWords設定の組み合わせにトピックのターゲット設定を追加できますが、変数が多いほど表示されることは少なくなります。トピックのターゲティングでは、はるかに特定の件名とキーワードを組み合わせることで可能です。ヒント – キーワードを件名と組み合わせる場合は、1〜3個のキーワードを使用します。何年もの間、適切なユーザーの目の前にある一般的でトラフィックの多いサイトに広告を表示するのは難しいですが、Topic Targetingがゲームを変更しました。

In the Old days of the Google Content Network, now known as the Google Screen Network, your only choice was to give Google several key words and see what type of results you got in. Early in the summer of 2010, AdWords found the name of the Content Network transformed. Google started to heavily publicize the new Screen Network while simultaneously rolling out new characteristics and choices. Display Network marketers had more choices than in the past to blend and match their AdWords settings and methods in the quest for the completely targeted audience. With the start of issue targeting and advertise in the year 2011, Google managed to get very simple to create campaigns with ad copy, squeeze pages as well as a matching audience.

Among the simplest ways to use this choice is to operate a Positioning Performance Report first and after that add a number of the managed placements from the relationship to your AdGroups. Many advertisers across a wide range of companies will frequently see conversions from, but mightn’t wish to cover the same bid for YouTube as they do for more a far more targeted positioning. AdWords offers advertisers choices to not show their ads to particular age groups and genders. If you were targeting, you can select this alternative on your ad copy made to appeal to a male audience.

This choice allows you to put your advertisements on pages about a particular topic like Football, Motorcycles or Xbox. Together with keyword targeting, it is just possible for you to target using the keyword football, but still show ads on a category page under Gossip & Tabloid News. Topic Targeting keeps your football related advertisements only on pages categorized under football. You may add Topic Targeting to nearly every combination of AdWords settings, but the more variables, the less thoughts you’ll see. With topic targeting, it’s possible to do that by combining a far particular subject and a keyword. Tip – use one to 3 keywords when combining keywords with subjects. For years, it was difficult receiving AdWords to show your advertisements on general, high traffic sites in front of the right audience, but Topic Targeting changed the game.