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容認できる仮説のように見えるが、その情報は何を言っているのか?接続は単なる線形ではありませんが、リンクがあります。さらに、3つのキャンペーンGirls 2、Girls 1、Nightwearは、注文サイズと比較して、変換に時間が掛からないようです。




A often overlooked metric is the time taken from the initial click an advertisement to the final transformation of the keyword. That’s, the total transformation time for a keyword in certain campaign. While this metric might appear comparatively unimportant to Return on investment, it might help you realize your customers as well as help you better handle your campaigns. Consider an apparel retailer that sells several lines of clothing including menswear, womenswear, children clothing, wedding and bridal wear, shoes etc. As a retailer, you need to know if customers who buy less affordable items take more time on typical to make their buy.

It appears like an acceptable hypothesis, but what does the information say? whilst the connection is not just linear, there is a link. Further, it appears that 3 campaigns Girls 2, Girls 1 and Nightwear take a disproportionately long time to convert when compared to the order size.

Aside from the obvious decision that women take more time to buy than men, what’re the ramifications of this finding? Here are several tips to bear in mind. Don’t treat all key words the same across your campaigns. Keywords in a campaign where the typical order size is bigger than average, should be assessed after longer time periods. A marriage campaign transformation requires 5-6 times more to convert than a panties keyword. A smart way to strategy this is to assess the efficiency of tightly clustered campaigns together, but independently of other clusters. Wedding keywords will be evaluated separately, but underwear, children etc.

If you’re running a search and show retargeting campaign, the above chart provides you a touch of the retargeting length and consistency for every consumer type. A customer typing a marriage related keyword must at least be re-directed to get six days while a consumer looking to get shoes should be retargeted for a shorter length like 2-3 days. Buyers with a lowered click to transformation time are most likely to spend less time comparison shopping when compared to a more conversion time buyer. Wedding dress buyers are more inclined to comparison shop than shoes buyers. Your advertisement copies must address these various communities.

Cautiously evaluate the attribution window of specific campaigns. Ensure you realize the right window to attribute a transformation to a click. Whether you’ve a short assignment window for a wedding gown campaign, your campaign will seem to be underperforming. Too long an attribution window and you’d likely be giving a lot of credit.