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Google is testing marketed video advertisements in search results page, a format which could bring more brand dollars to advertising there, based on a number of sources knowledgeable with the organization product road map. The search video advertisements are in a small test right now and have show up in conversations between Google and the advertisement business, according to these sources. What used to be directly defined as search will be turned on its head, said one digital online marketing executive. Google is finally getting far from only having 3 lines of text. Video advertisements also have taken over mobile, Facebook and YouTube, and Google is thinking about how to incorporate them into search.

The leading search company is not alone in its interest in marketed videos in results. Google has floated the concept of video thumbnails in a few sponsored results along with other versions, nevertheless, digital video marketing is a more mature marketplace now demanding a more serious effort, sources said. Marketing insiders who have been comfortable with the merchandise spoke on the condition of anonymity. It’d been unclear if the latest video test would lead to the full fledged ad merchandise, and Google is said to be in the preliminary stages of growth. Brands might change the way they approach search advertising if marketed videos were introduced more broadly. Marketers might change goals purely concentrating on clicks and sales to concentrate more on raising brand consciousness, marketing experts said. It is question the search advertising community will cautiously consider.