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Let’s face it, rallying workers around a mission makes some executives uneasy. A business assignment explains what it stands for – its purpose as well as the reason behind its existence. Mission expresses the distinction a business seeks to make in the world. A strong assignment is lofty, ambitious, and at times audacious. Many executives do not realize that assignment is an underused asset in enhancing organizational performance and profitability, plus they neglect their greatest obligation of aligning their brand as well as culture with their best purpose.

Gallup research in 2013 bolstered what our researchers have known for a long time! Though leaders are adept at creating value through process improvements, they’ve much to understand about making value by aligning the assignment and purpose of their firm with business methods, culture, brand, and operation measures. In conducting a meta evaluation of 49, 928 business units across 192 businesses addressing 49 various industries in 34 states, Gallup researchers unearthed that border and mission are not in conflict with one another at all. A strong mission encourages brand distinction, consumer passion, and brand proposal. Mission might help leaders create and balance priorities, set efficiency goals, and align rewards and compensation in the least levels.