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それでは、Appleのブランドはどこにあるのでしょうか?彼らはまだハードウェアを販売しているPC会社ですか?ソフトウェア会社?音楽サービス?真実は、彼らのイメージ\ brand \ reputationが大きな変化を遂げており、好きな新しいoffshootアイテムを持つコンピュータメーカーだけであるかのように動作し続けることは誤りになります。それはすべての会社で起こる絶え間ない変化に話しています。私たちは日々の仕事に没頭するので、徐々に出現する傾向を見過ごしてしまうことがよくあります。

あなたはあなたが始めたのと同じ会社にいますか?あなたの広告、あなたのタグライン、またはあなたの名前で伝えられる、あなたのサービスや製品、あるいは価格や品質の変更はありますか?あなたがAppleだったら、マーケティングコンピュータを保つことができますか? Abacus Computersは、Abacus Business Solutionsになりました。そして、あなたのブランドとあなたの会社を和解して見守って、繁栄し続けます。

They can feel they already Possess a position in their client head such as the quality manufacturer, or the cost leader, or the supreme service provider – and also the fact that might be true. What many company owners do not realize, is that the brand is in fact a living, fluid perception. One that fluctuates from day to day. Basically, it is more of an evolving, growing entity when compared to a fixed and static Thing. A couple of years ago, Apple was known as a cutting-edge computer maker. Now they’re arguably more connected with music and also video thanks to the acknowledgement of iTunes as well as the iPod.

So where does that place the Apple brand in the customers mind? Are they still a pc company selling hardware? A software company? A music service? The truth is that their image\/brand\/reputation, is undergoing a significant change, and to keep operating as if they were only a computer manufacturer with a favorite new offshoot item would be an error. It speaks to the continuous change that occurs in every company. Since we get so involved in the day-to day grind, we frequently overlook these gradually emerging tendencies.

Are you still in the same company that your started in? Have there been any changes in your services or products or pricing or quality that will be communicated in your advertising, your tag line, or your name? If you had been Apple, can you just keep marketing computers. Abacus Computers has become Abacus Business Solutions with the tag line can count on us. Then settle-back and watch your brand, and your company, continue to thrive.