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事業目的 | WEBマーケティング用語

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business purpose

企業の規模は大きくなく、収益性と成功率は顧客保持、顧客関係の改善、顧客獲得によって決定されます。これは、よくClient Relationship ManagementまたはCRMとして知られています。カスタマー・リレーションシップ・マネジメントは、すべてのビジネスとクライアントとのやりとりのストレスをコントロールすることです。クライアントリレーションシップマネジメントの主な目的は、企業が信頼できるシステム、プロセス、およびこれらのクライアントと通信するための手順のデビューの間にクライアントをより適切に処理できるようにすることです。優れた顧客関係管理プログラムは、同社が顧客を獲得し、顧客にサービスを提供するのに役立ちます。良好な顧客関係管理は、優良顧客を維持し、より高いレベルのサービスを提供できるクライアントを特定するのにも役立ちます。

顧客関係管理は、ビジネスプロセス、企業戦略、情報技術が複雑に混ざり合っており、企業がより大きな成果を得るために重要な関係を築くのを支援するためにクライアントのニーズや行動を研究するために使用されます。90年代後半の顧客関係管理は、主にインデックスファイル、留守番電話、電話のみで構成されていました。今日、高度な顧客関係管理システムは、Microsoft Excelスプレッドシートなどに進化しました。CRMシステムは、通常、電子メールやスネイルメール、マーケティングキャンペーン、コンタクトマネージャプログラム、販売追跡プログラム、マルチメディアコンタクトセンターやボイスメールシステムで構成されています。



For businesses big and little, their profitability and success is determined by customer retention, client relationship improvements and customer acquisition. This is frequently known as Client Relationship Management or CRM. Customer relationship management is the controlling your stresses of all business and interactions with clients. The primary purpose of Client Relationship Management is to allow companies to better handle their clients throughout the debut of reliable systems, processes as well as procedures for communicating with these clients. A good Customer relationship management program helps the company acquire clients and service the customers. Good Customer relationship management also helps retain good clients, and identify which clients can be given a greater level of service.

Customer relationship management is a complicated mixture of business process, enterprise strategies and info technology, that are used to study clients needs and behaviors to assist companies develop more significant relationships with them to be able to get greater results. In the late 90’s, client relationship management primarily consisted of only an index file, an answering machine as well as a phone. Today, an advanced Customer relationship management system has evolved into a Microsoft Excel spread sheet and more. CRM systems normally consist of email and\/or snail mail, marketing campaigns, contact manager programs, sales tracking program, and multi media contact center or voice mail system.

An effective Customer relationship management strategy does not only mean only installing and integrating a software program, in addition, it includes a broader approach including changing business process based on the needs of client, training of workers, embracing relevant IT systems and applications, and IT services which allows companies to track their Customer relationship management strategies. Good Customer relationship management applications might help run a complete company by enabling businesses to keep all client records in one central location that’s accessible to the entire organization. Front line offices have systems which are put up to gather information from the clients for processing at the data warehouse where data is stored, orders are filled as well as tracked, as well as sales information analyzed.

Probably the most typical causes for client relationship management system failure is bad data quality, which may be easily avoided. Customer relationship management systems are as useful as the info it provides. The old saying Garbage in, trash out can be applied to Customer relationship management data quality. To ensure good Customer relationship management data quality, be certain to input the data precisely, check information items times to minimize the chance of duplication, if there’s an error in the provided info or if the info isn’t complete, then re establish contact with the consumer to recheck the data. Customers usually don’t get annoyed at this, rather it can make them more appreciative of the extra client support.