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ファン | WEBマーケティング用語

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ファンとは何ですか?Ken Blanchardが自分の本「Raving Fans」に書いたように、熱狂的な熱狂者は、あなたのサービスや製品に献身的なクライアントで、会社を他の場所に連れて行くことを夢見ていないかもしれません。あなたが顧客に対処できないと感じる立場にいるなら、もう一度考えてみてください。組織内のすべての個人は顧客を扱います。人事マネージャーは、ビジネス外の誰とも話すことはできませんが、顧客はいますが、誰を推測できますか?あなたが従業員に言ったら、あなたは間違いない。

レイヴィングファンの説明をもう一度考え、それがどのように従業員に影響するかを想像してください。次は、クライアントに何を求めているのかを尋ねることです。確かに、彼らが言うことのすべてを聞きたくないかもしれないし、おそらくあなたは彼らの提案のすべてを実装するつもりはないが、彼らに声を与え、彼らの言うことを聞くことはちょうどその物質のことです。それらとのミーティングをスケジュールし、オンラインでアンケートを作成し、電話を受け取り、彼らに連絡して滞在するために何かを聞く時間があれば、電話をかけてください。Ken Blanchardに関連する最終的な秘密は、あなたがクライアントのために何をするかを決定し、それを配信し、1%をプラスすることです。自分にプラス1%を与えるために何を少し追加するか自問してください。あなたは50%向上する必要はありません。単純に1人の小さなパーセンテージが満足しているクライアントと狂気のファンを区別します。

Sure, you are taking care of your visitors now plus they’re happy, but can there be more you might be doing? Have you become complacent within the knowledge they’re satisfied with your own service and give you repeated company? Sit down right now and make an inventory of your largest Lovers. Who’re your best customers? Who could you rely on? What work have you done for them recently? Then ask yourself, what have you done for them recently that delirious fans them a raving fan of yours? If they’re just Satisfied with your work, you have to take actions now to make them raving fans.

What’s a Raving Fan? As Ken Blanchard wrote within his book, Raving Fans, a raving fanatic is a client who’s so dedicated to your services and products which they might not dream of taking their company elsewhere and certainly will sing from the rooftops about just how good you. If you’re in a position in which you feel you cannot deal with customers, think again. Every individual in an organization deals with customers. A HR manager might never speak to anyone outside the business, and yet they’ve customers – Could you guess who? If you said the employees, you’re very correct.

Consider the description of the raving fan again, and envision how that may affect the employees. The next thing is to ask the clients what they want. Sure, you might not want to hear all of that they say, and possibly you won’t implement ALL of their suggestions, but giving them a voice and listen to what they say is just of the substance. Schedule meetings with them, create an on-line survey, pick up the telephone and give them a call, whatever it can take to connect with them and spend some time listening to what they’ve to stay. The final secret, relating to Ken Blanchard, is to determine what you may do for the clients, and deliver it, plus 1%. Ask yourself what little additional you might do to give yourself the plus 1%. You do not need to be 50% better, simply 1 small percentage makes the distinction between a satisfied client, and a raving fan.