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確率は非常に良いです、あなたがそれを理解していないかもしれないにもかかわらず、あなたはネイティブ広告のいくつかのサンプルを見ました。今日、ネイティブマーケティングはどこにでもあります – そして、それはより難しくなってきています。さて、ネイティブ広告と宣伝広告がどう違うのでしょうか?真のネイティブ広告として説明されるように、コンテンツは、出版物やウェブサイトの認知された編集方法や色調と一致していなければならず、出版物の視聴者が一般的に期待する種類の情報を提供しなければならない。これらの特性は、ネイティブ広告を配置するのが難しいのです


米国雑誌編集者協会は、ネイティブマーケティングに関してより大きな開放性と監督が求められています。オンラインで最も面白い風刺的なサイトの中で、The Onionはまた、この特によく知られているケースで要約されるように、ネイティブマーケティングを強く理解しています。バナーは行動要請として機能しましたが、キャンペーンの主な目的は、H&R Blockのブランド認知度をさらに高めることでした。これは、このネイティブ広告の例が卓越して達成した目標です。このインフォグラフィックをネイティブマーケティングのこのタイプの優れたイラストレーションとすることは、Fast Companyの典型的なコンテンツと事実上区別がつきません。

The probabilities are very good that, despite the fact that you might not have realized it, you have seen several samples of native advertising. Nowadays, native marketing is everywhere – and it is getting harder and harder to place. Now, you may be thinking, how can a native ad differ from an advertorial? Well, so as to be described as a true native ad, the content must align with the publication or website’s recognized editorial fashion as well as tone, and must offer the sort of information that the publication’s audience generally expects. These characteristics are what make native ads hard to place, as they often blend in with the Organic content exceptionally well.

Additionally it is worth noting that native marketing is not necessarily the same matter as content marketing. Goeres spoke throughout the Truth in Marketing panel in the event, whereby the subject of native promotion took center stage. Brands and companies love native ads, mostly since the click through rates are likely to be greater than typical ads and betrothal is generally much more powerful. Not everybody is as enamored with native advertisements, especially consumers. Several professional companies have weighed in on the frequently vague nature of native marketing. The FTC is considering applying regulatory steps on brands using native ads to advertise their products, as well as the FTC has also suggested it might monitor the market carefully to ensure that native promotion is being utilized in ways that benefits consumers.

The American Society of Magazine Editors offers additionally called for greater openness and supervision with regards to native marketing. Among the most amusing satirical sites online, The Onion also offers a strong grasp on native marketing, as summarized by this particularly well known case. Although the banners served as calls to action, the main purpose of the campaign was to further increase H&R Block’s brand awareness – a goal that this native advertising example accomplished admirably. What makes this infographic this type of excellent illustration of native marketing is that its practically indistinguishable from Fast Company typical content.