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データマイニングパートナーのDatalogixは、大規模買収が製造されたときにこの情報を収集し、広告ターゲティングで使用するためにFacebookに報告します。たとえば、動物福祉を選択していた場合、動物福祉に関連する慈善団体に寄付したことを自己報告したFacebookのすべてのユーザーを対象にすることができます。この情報は、以前はパートナーカテゴリ内にあるデータマイニング関連のEpsilonとAcxiomから取得されています。しばしば、アンケートや寄付から消費者自身が報告した情報です。これ以上の情報はすべてFacebookで行われたアクションから引き出されています。これは自己報告された仕事の一部です。AcxiomデータパートナーAcxiomとHome Insuranceの情報は自由にアクセスできます。




Datalogix, a data mining partner, gathers this information when big acquisitions are manufactured and reports it to Facebook for use in ad targeting. If you had been to select Animal Welfare, for instance, you can target all Facebook users who’ve self reported they donate to animal welfare associated charities. This information is pulled from data mining associates Epsilon and Acxiom, previously found within Partner Categories. Oftentimes, it’s consumer self reported information from surveys and donations. All this and more information is pulled from actions performed on Facebook. Some of this is self-reported work Acxiom data partner Acxiom as well as the Home Insurance information is freely accessible.

Modeled based on investment interests, as well as an extensive variety of additional demographics data and census median data. Modeled using MRI and constructed from the mixture of public, self reported, buying activity, and census\/geo data. Self reported purchase action Self reported consumption info from surveys Modeled based on property information, investment interests, purchasing action, profession and census median data. Facebook has this info based on how users access their system. The main difference is the fact that with Behavioral targeting, you may target users who own a certain device, but who aren’t always on it at that time. With the second example above, you’re only targeting users who’re utilizing that kind of device when targeted.

This information is supplied by Epsilon and Datalogix based on real purchases made. The Recent Homebuyer and mortgage borrower recent data is pulled from the public and self reported information. The Likely to Move information comes from Epsilon and Lately Moved from Acxiom. Some of this information is available based on info users share on Facebook and travel applications used. Collected from U.S. Census, warranty cards, registration info, the Department of Motor Vehicles, people record details, survey data, along with other off-line sources. Data should be confirmed by at least two resources to be incorporated. U.S customer information on where customers shop, how they shop, what products as well as brands they buy, the publications they read, and their demographics and psychographic attributes.

In the event that you get past the creepiness, this information may be utilized to generate extremely appropriate – and helpful – marketing. Information users provide to Facebook Information mined by information associates. Facebook partnership with data mining companies to gather additional info on users for targeting purposes. Whenever you fill in a software or study or make a substantial purchase, data mining companies frequently get access to this information. As always, advertisers do not have get to the names associated with this data.