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一部の人は、それがあなたを警告し、明確に先導され、重要にすることができると言います。英国のレーシンググリーンのような暗い色調は、コースと富と同じです。 ORANGEは楽しいですそしてそれは行く、それは精神を持ち上げることができ、若者とユーモアにつながっています。パープルは神秘的で精神的で革新的な色で、創造的思考と本能を示しています。典型的にはロイヤリティに関連して、それはタイの未亡人のための喪服の色でもあります。ピンクライトピンクは親密で、ホットピンクは小さくて面白いです。 BROWNは安定しており、従来のものであり、世界などの永続的なものです。それは宇宙と自由の色ですが、過度に使用されると冷たくて疎外感を帯びることもあります。

Colour is a strong force, it grabs you in a deep psychological level and helps you recall a message. The world most effective brands have made good usage of this fact. We know that Coke is just red, British Airways is just red, white And it blue, United Parcel Service is brown and Apple Macs are available in all the colours of the rainbow. Their use of colour gives them instant brand recognition. Color may also send out more complicated messages, with each tone evoking a wide range of emotions. To assist you get it right it is worth bearing a few basics in mind.

Colors roughly divided into two camps, those hot vibrant ones with plenty of energy and zing, and those cold calm ones. So think about what you would like to say and after that pick a colour that can help you say it. Once you are happy, ensure that the colour you choose appears on all of your promotional material including your logo, web site and packaging. Calming like sky and ocean, blue is a spiritual colour. Blue may also be dependable, sensible and old-fashioned and is often popular with financial corporations. It can make the heartbeat faster and is especially important in Asia, frequently being seen as lucky.

Some say it can make you alert, clear headed and important. Darker tones, like British Racing Green equals course and wealth. ORANGE is fun And it out going, it could lift the spirits and is connected with youth and humour. PURPLE is a mystical, psychic and innovative colour, indicating creative thinking and instinct. Typically associated with royalty it’s also the colour of mourning for widows in Thailand. PINK Light pinks are intimate, hot pinks are small and interesting. BROWN is stable, conventional and lasting such as the world. It is the colour of space and freedom, but might also appear cold and alienating if over used.