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Whether you are an artist or an internet marketer, the very first thing to do before even beginning a blog is selecting the key words your blog will be based on. You should do that before buying a web site domain name, before creating your blog, and before writing your very first post. This is because clear-cut – individuals do not Browse the web the way that they do in a bookstore. Following your blog becomes somewhat popular you could find yourself on sites like, which does permit individuals to find sites they never might have found on their very own.

At the beginning you get traffic because individuals are looking for particular keywords in the internet search engine. It truly helps whether you’ve a web site domain name with a high traffic keyword, as it might make it easier for the look engines to know just what type of art your blog is about. Your post titles will include key words that people are genuinely looking for. There are ways to find how many members times people search for particular words, how simple the words have been to rank for in the search engines, and if the individuals searching for all those words have been in the mood to buy anything.

The great news is that each of the tools you need have been free, and if you need plenty of traffic, you need to use them before you start your site and before you compose each post. Every new website or web site ought to begin at the Google Keyword Tool. To find it, simply search for Google keyword tool. To use this tool, you key in your topic and the tool is going to look for all the other related words that individuals are looking for, with the numbers of searches conducted every month.

Should I build a site around this keyword? We need two more tools before we know for certain. Your next stop must be the Keyword Difficulty Tool from To use this tool you key in the key words you discovered on the Google Keyword Tool that appear to best represent your subject material, and it’ll show you how hard it’ll be to rank for that word. If you build your site around key words which are very hard to rank for in the search engines, you’ll have to spend a great deal of effort and time to get links to your website. You’ll have more luck if you find a more particular keyword with less competition, so you begin getting traffic right away.