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35744935 - pop art cute retro woman in comics style with message, vector illustration

35744935 – pop art cute retro woman in comics style with message, vector illustration

ブランドキャラクターは、ブランドが論じて行動する方法です。それは、差別化を達成するために、人間の性格特性をブランドに割り当てることを意味します。これらの特徴は、ブランドを象徴する人々と広告、包装などの両方を通じたブランド行動を意味する。ブランドイメージまたはブランドアイデンティティが人間の特性に関して示されるとき、ブランドキャラクタと呼ばれる。例として、 – Allen Solleyブランドはキャラクターを話し、それを身につけた人を束から離れさせます。インフォシスは独創性、価値、知的性を提示します。ブランドのキャラクターは何もないが、ブランドの人格。ブランドは、これらの文字特性または独特の文字特性を具現化する文字として表現されます。




Brand character is the way a brand discusses and acts. It means assigning human personality traits\/characteristics to a brand so as to achieve differentiation. These features signify brand behavior through both people symbolizing the brand as well as through advertisements, packaging, etc. When brand image or brand identity is indicated with regards to human traits, it is called brand character. As an example, – Allen Solley brand speaks the character and makes the person who wears it stand apart from the bunch. Infosys presents originality, value, and intellectualism. Brand character is nothing, but personification of brand. A brand is expressed both as a character who embodies these character traits or unique character traits.

Brand character is the consequence of all of the customer’s experiences with the brand. Brand character must be distinguished from brand image, in feeling that, while brand image denote the concrete advantages and characteristics of a brand, brand character signifies emotional organizations of the brand. If brand image is all-inclusive brand relating to customers opinion, brand character is that facet of all-inclusive brand which generates it’s psychological character and organizations in people head. It’s a key input to the feel and look of any communication or advertising action by the brand. It will help in gaining extensive knowledge of clients emotions about the brand.

Brand character differentiates among brands especially when they’re alike in many attributes. Brand character is used in making the brand strategy lively, i.e, to implement brand strategy. Brand character indicates the type of relationship a client has with the brand. It’s a means through which a client communicates his own identity. Brand character and celebrity should complement each other. Trustworthy celebrity ensures immediate consciousness, acceptability and confidence towards the brand. This might influence consumers purchase choice as well as create brand loyalty.