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インターネット検索エンジンの指標は、Sheldon Cooper博士を創造的な自由思想家に見せるためにはリテラルなので、私たちは積極的にこの問題をSEOに対処する必要があります。問題は、多数のURLのゴールページが同じソースコードコンテンツにステージングされている場合でも、検索エンジンがURLの個々のバリエーションを異なるエンティティとして尊重することです。特定のページへの各URLのエディションは、それ自身のインターネット検索エンジンのインデックスランキング値を得て、ターゲットページの将来のランクを薄くする。オンラインのすべてのページには別々のアドレスがあると思います。しかし、ウェブはあなたが思っているよりも適応性があり、検索エンジンにとってもそれは擦れです。



Link juice is an index that evaluates the site by calculating the reliability and relationship of the link based on the page rank of google.

Given that internet search engine indices are therefore literal as to make Dr. Sheldon Cooper look as a creative free thinker, we truly need to actively address this problem for SEO. The problem is the search engines respect each variation of a URL as a distinct entity, even when the goal page of numerous URLs stage to the same source code content. Each URL edition to certain page earns its own internet search engine index ranking value, thus diluting the prospective rank of the target page. You’d think there were distinct addresses for every page online! Yet the web is more adaptable than you might think, as well as for search engines, that’s the rub.

This filter eliminates all indexed outcomes including the Www. If the last test produces outcomes, analyze the search results at length for both the Www. And non Www. If located, you need to canonicalize your website to consolidate the URL versions in the internet search engine so your pages may earn the best possible rank for the canonical URL type. For the list of URL versions demonstrated above, most webmasters choose the first version as their canonical URL. This URL type contains the Www. Prefix and a trailing slash. Once you have chosen your canonical URL, you need to put up 301 redirects for each of the other, non canonical URLs. As the 302 is momentary, the original URL is presumed to be coming back on-line shortly, so that the search engines make no change to their indices. A 301 tells the search engines that the first URL is completely gone, which allows them to safely transfer all the search index rating value from the old URL to the new URL! This is the way you merge all of those diluted index rating values from the URL variations to your new canonical URL.

How do you put up a 301 redirect? Redirects URLs indicating default page file name references to the complete www.