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キーワードプランナー | WEBマーケティング用語

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キーワードプランナーとは、グーグルアドワーズ(Google Adwords)の機能の一つです。インターネット広告掲載やSEO対策に役立つツールで、検索キーワードの月間検索回数や競合性を元にキーワード候補を確認したり、検索トラフィックの予測データを確認できます。

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Keyword planner is one of the features of Google Adwords (Google Adwords). It is a useful tool for Internet advertisement insertion and SEO measures, you can check keyword ideas based on the number of monthly searches and competitiveness of search keywords and check the forecast data of search traffic.

Google recently launched a brand new tool that alters the way we research key words: AdWords Keyword Planner. Basically, the Keyword Planner was designed to simplify keyword study and campaign planning for paid search marketers. Despite its AdWords focus, the Key Word Planner may nevertheless be utilised by search engine marketing professionals. The core of the toolset revolves around key word volume, a measure essential to both paid and organic search. Each keyword is combined with the average number of times each month which is why that precise phrase was researched, the phrase aggressive score and its typical cost per click.

Multiply keyword lists to get estimates. Multiplying a list including Black bean and Black beans with a listing including Recipe and Hamburger would result in the subsequent four combined key words: Black bean recipe, Black bean hamburger, Black beans recipe, and Black beans hamburger. Essentially, the first choice to find keyword and ads group ideas is as close in functionality to the old Key Word Tool. Play with the software to determine how to get the most key word thoughts from the tool. To hone in on key words related to your business, try adding an item class or using the negative key words targeting filter to define key words you do not need to include. It’s not helpful to specify a landing web page when the goal is to find new key words. Adding a landing web page tells the tool to extract key word phrases from content you have already created. As with the old Key Word Tool, Planner allows you download the monthly search volumes for the last twelve months in addition to the typical monthly searches.