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商標登録の弁護士は頻繁に同じ質問をしている。ビジネスであなたのブランドを利用し始めると、コモンローの商標権が得られます。商標登録は、第三者の商標権侵害を防止するために必要な影響を与えます。米国特許商標庁がお客様のロゴ登録を許可している場合、ロゴの有効性の推定と法的損害賠償の可能性が最大$ 100、000.00に加えて、悪質な形でお客様の商標を侵害する第三者に対する弁護士費用が発生します。誰かにあなたの商標登録と最大$ 100,000までの法的損害賠償の可能性がある脅迫状を送ってください。


つまり、第三者の使用を認識していることを確認するために、リテラルマークの第三者による使用や商標のバージョンを監視する必要があります。さらに、既にウェブサイトに膨大な金額と時間を投資しているマーケティング費用に関連してブランド化されている人とは対照的に、自分の商標に匹敵する言葉を誤って使用している人を、 。商標登録は、あなたのブランドを守るために行う最も重要なことです。多くの裁判所は、あなたの商標が違反から守られていないときは、そのマークをビジネスで排他的に利用する権利を放棄すると主張しています。優れた商標登録弁護士は、登録プロセスの両方を理解し、侵害の可能性があるかどうかを監視するのに役立ちます。

Trademark registration lawyers frequently get asked the very same question. The moment you start utilizing your brand in business, you obtain the chance for common law trademark rights. Trademark enrollment gets you the influence you may need to be able to stop 3rd party trademark infringers. In case the US Patent and Trademark Office lets your logo registration, You get a presumption of logo validity as well as the possibility of statutory damages up to $100, 000.00 plus lawyer’s fees against 3rd parties who infringe your trademarks in bad faith. Sending someone a threatening letter which notes your trademark enrollment and possibility for statutory damages up to $100, 000.

If you’re forced to rely on common-law trademark rights, you’re left to argue lost gains. All the best showing that each customer used their service, as opposed to yours, as a result of logo problems. Trademark enrollment tells the 3rd party infringer that you’ve been serious about protecting your logo rights. There is a positive change in getting a trademark infringement threat letter relying upon common-law rights as well as the same threat letter observing registration of your trademark in the USPTO. When you reach trademark enrollment, you then need to defend your trademark in business. More specifically, you need to defend your trademark on the web.

Which means that you need to monitor 3rd party uses of your literal mark, as well as versions of your trademark, to make certain you stay aware of 3rd party uses. Further, it’s easier to get somebody who accidentally runs on the word comparable to your trademark if they’re just started in business as opposed to someone who is already invested huge amounts of money and time in their web site, branding and related to marketing expenses. Trademark registration is among the most crucial things you may do to defend your brand. Many courts have held that when you don’t shield your trademark from violation, you waive the right to claim exclusive utilization of that mark in business. A good trademark registration lawyer may help you understand both the enrollment process and monitor your trademarks for possible infringement.