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RSS広告 | WEBマーケティング用語

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Feedburnerは、Google Adsense広告がFeedburnerフィードに統合され、フィードプロモーションから得られる収入を増やすことが確認されています。お金を稼ぐにはGoogle Adsenseのエントリが、まだ十分にフィードのマーケティングスペースが十分にあなたのフィードリーダーをターゲットにマーケティング担当者の反対を増やすでしょう。当社のフィードは、Feedburner Adネットワークプログラムによる広告を1年以上サポートしており、Feedburner Computing&Technology Channelにも掲載されています。1500人以上のRSSフィードリーダーを賞賛し、フィードプロモーションを通じてもたらされたお金はごくわずかです。このニュースが私がこれらの低報酬の広告を取り除くことを決めたときに来たのは良いことです。


Feedburner has verified that Google Adsense advertisements has been integrated in Feedburner feeds and which should increase the income produced from feed promotion. The entry of Google Adsense in the money-making, yet underutilized feed marketing space will definitely increase marketer opposition to target your feed readers. Our feed supports advertising by Feedburner Ad network program for over a year, and is even featured in the Feedburner Computing & Technology Channel. Inspite of over 1500 RSS feed readers, the money brought in via feed promotion is very little. Its good that this news came in only when I’d decided to remove these low paying advertisements.

The cause of low profits is that inspite of empowering advertisements on all articles, the advertisement fill speed is very poor and most articles haven’t any advertisements. Though high Cost per mille rates are common, it appears the daily budgets are small and scattered on the large feedburner network of marketers, the advertisement fill becomes bad even with the highest of everyday budgets. Adsense for feeds is not a brand new initiative however, and in fact it is been analyzed in 2005 earlier with limited success.