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リマーケティング広告 | WEBマーケティング用語

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検索広告のリマーケティングリストは、これの優れた例です。検索広告の広告リストは、ユーザーが既に自分のウェブサイトにアクセスしたかどうかと、ユーザーが見たページに基づいて検索キャンペーンをカスタマイズできるようにします。検索広告のAdvertise Listという名前は、やや誤解を招く可能性があり、リマーケティングディスプレイと同じコンセプトのようですが、検索ネットワーク上にあるようです。RLSAsがショーリマーケティングと共通しているのは、ユーザーを監視して広告主の使用目的でリスティングに追加するためにCookieを使用することだけです。従来の広告は、ユーザーがGoogleスクリーンネットワークで閲覧しているときに広告を配信しますが、RLSAsは広告リストに掲載されているため機械的にテキスト広告をユーザーに表示するだけではありません。


Remarketing Lists for Search Ads are an excellent example of this. Advertise lists for search ads allow companies to customize their search campaigns based on whether a user has already visited their website, as well as the pages that user seen. The name Advertise Lists for Search Ads may be somewhat deceptive and seems like it’s the same concept as remarketing display, but on the search network. The only thing RLSAs have in common with show remarketing is they both use cookies to monitor users and add them to listings for the advertiser’s use. While conventional advertise delivers ads to users when they’re browsing on the Google Screen Network, RLSAs do not only mechanically show text ads to users since they’re on your advertise list.

These methods work by only letting the key words and ads be activated when the individual looking on Google can also be a member on your advertise list. The only caveat for this technique is that you need at least 1, 000 members on a Advertise list for it for use on the search network, which suggests you need traffic levels of 1, 000 identifying visitors or more on your website within the time frame that you utilize for the advertise list. You should then set the Advertise list membership duration to at least this length. With RLSAs they might place this term in its own ads group and apply an advertise list containing users who’ve already seen the Chanel cosmetics page on their site, in order that it only triggers advertisements when a user who’s searching has already been on that audience list. Whether you’ve a remarketing list for users who finished a purchase or downloaded anything, you may replicate the existing search campaigns to target only users who’ve completed a purchase, and tailor your advertisement text in that campaign in order that it’s specific to existing clients.