軸となる事業の"しくみ"で質の高い事業を経営者、個人事業、士業のしくみ支援。Webマーケティング CooKai。WEBの悩み相談、大歓迎。もっと集客をするには「軸となるしくみ」驚くほど価値を認める顧客が集まる成長し続ける事業のお手伝いを通じて解決します。


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コカコーラは世界で最高の炭酸飲料を供給することについて話しません。ヴァージンの約束は、飛行機に座っている乗客よりもずっと大きくなります。優れたブランド保証は、これらの企業があなたのために顧客と約束していることについて話します。毎日好評を得ようと顧客サポートのゴールデンスタンダードとなること。そのためには、1200人以上の従業員が毎年クラスルームを利用して顧客の注意を喚起する、全社的なクライアントサポートトレーニングプログラムを作成する必要がありました。 7年前にこのブランド保証を手掛けて、私たちのビジネス全体の文化を完全に変えました。


A brand is a lot greater than a logo, icon, or remarkable motto. As catchy as it might sound, it’s not the Brand in the true feeling and it definitely is not what makes the brand precious. Successful brands consistent deliver on their promises, that’s the way they create brand equity. It is description of the company’s personality. To some extent, it is a mission, it is how a company creates and provides value. It’s the feeling the company sends to its stakeholders. Two eateries, for example, can have comparable menus, but provide distinct feelings, distinct organizations, and various client experiences based on their brand guarantees.

Coca Cola does not talk about supplying the best carbonated drinks in the world. Virgin’s promise goes a great deal further than seating passengers in planes. Good brand guarantees, like these, talk about what these firms promise to be for you, the customer. To be the gold standard of customer support by trying to make favorable experiencesevery customer, every day. It required us to create a company wide client support training program which provides over 1200 employee hours of annual class room learning customer attention. Crafting this brand assurance seven years ago completely changed the culture of our whole business.

Just like these firms, the strength of your own personal brand has everything to do with the promise you make to your planned market. This may be your visitors, co workers, members of the family anyone you communicate with on any level. The more value is expressed and the more regularly you deliver it, the stronger your own personal brand. Your brand promise is the distinctive assurance of value you make to your intended market that the brand will satisfy. It is a the essence of what you’ve to offer and guides you in how you’ll live your personal brand.