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cost per mille



This figure tells marketers how much bang they are getting for their dollar, and it permits them to compare the relative effectiveness of numerous ad campaigns, irrespective of the cost of the campaign or the number of individuals who see the advertisements. $. Calculating Cost per mille is easy. Advertisement up the total cost of the advertising campaign. Including expenses to make the ads as well as the cost of purchasing ad space on sites. For our example, let us say your campaign cost $10, 000. Discover the total number of ad impressions. One opinion is one person seeing the advertisement one time, be it a web banner, text ad, Flash video or whatever.

Internet advertisements are sold one of two ways. It’s possible for you to put an advertisement on a particular page or pages for a given time length and after that count the number of times the advertisement is loaded during visits to the website, or you can merely buy a particular number of ad impressions as well as your ad would be loaded that often times. Let us say your campaign had 420, 000 impressions. Divide the number of thoughts by 1, 000. This can be the number expressed in thousands. In our case, the result will be 420. Divide the overall expense of the campaign by the number determined in Step 3. This is your cost per thousand thoughts.