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顧客心理 | WEBマーケティング用語

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customer psycology

消費者主義の促進と行動面ならびに消費者主義の利点と欠点について 消費者主義は、企業のより人間的な面、そして企業やビジネスは、スタッフが基本的な人々の努力の構成要素であると考えているかもしれません。企業は顧客満足を維持し、顧客のニーズに基づいて新しいサービスを開発し、販売しなければなりません。企業のニーズはもちろん、企業のニーズも円形であるように見えるが、消費者のニーズを生み出し、相互依存関係を提案する企業に彼らのニーズを投影する。Appleは効果的に、電話機とiPodをうまく組み込むアイテムを所有する必要がありました。


On the promotion and behavioural aspects of consumerism as well as the benefits and drawbacks of consumerism. Consumerism is you might say the more human facet of company and firms and businesses consider people along with their staff as the fundamental people components of their effort. Businesses have to keep their customers happy and develop and sell new services based on customer needs. The needs of the customers as well as the needs of businesses yet appear to be circular as firms create needs of consumers also project their needs to companies proposing an interdependent relationship. Apple effectively created a need in customers to possess an item which will successfully incorporate the phone as well as the iPod.

Clearly Apple must also have done the first survey to determine what customer needs are and after that eventually enlarged and focused on these customer needs to show up along with the new services, including the iPhone. A good company is the one which provides realistic and well defined frameworks for first vague consumer needs. The needs of the customers are originally not well defined or clear as people are likely to get some idea about what they need, but are not overly sure about what they really need. So through studies and conversations with customers as well as in house technical or product development advisors, businesses are able to develop on these first consumer thoughts and vague consumer needs and offer contour to their future product plans.