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消費者行動 | WEBマーケティング用語

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customer behavior

企業は、数百万のマーケティングコミュニケーションを顧客に与えます。声明は、マーケターは彼らが必要性を刺激すると主張しますが、それを作成しないことは実用的な開示と考えられます。マーケティングマネジメントの作家であるPaul PeterとJames Donnellyは、企業はいくつかの戦略目標のために顧客とのコミュニケーションを模索する必要があると説明しています。意識を創造し、肯定的なイメージを構築し、見通しを決定し、チャネルの相互作用を構築する。消費者は複雑な主題である、なぜなら2人の個人は同じように存在しないからである。消費者行動の作家であるマイケル・ソロモンは、顧客が必要性を満たすために選択した具体的な方法は、その独特の歴史、学習活動、文化的環境に依存していると主張している。消費者主張者は、クレジットカードのような特定の業界の非倫理的な販売活動について頻繁に議論します。



Companies bombard clients with millions of marketing communications. The statement, Marketers assert they excite needs, but don’t create them, may be considered a practical disclosure. Paul Peter and James Donnelly, writers of Marketing Management, explain that companies need to seek to communicate to clients for several strategy goals, that are! create awareness, construct positive images, determine prospects, and build channel interactions. Consumers are a complicated subject, since no two individuals are likewise. Michael Solomon, writer of Consumer Behaviour, maintains that the specific way clients choose to fulfill a need depends upon their distinctive history, learning activities, and cultural environment. Consumer advocates frequently discuss the unethical promotion practices of certain industries, like credit cards.

Many entrepreneurs would frown on the word coerce. Organizations with a short perspective only go after the one sale. On the flip side, a high performing organization that’s profitable searches for a marketing relationship that’s sustainable. Peter and Donnelly further maintain that cultivating long term relationships with customers is a vital part of marketing communications for any business. Marketers need to think beyond controlling consumers on the long run. Consumers frequently find themselves in situations wherein different motives, both negative and positive, conflict with each other in their buying decisions. Friendly workers offer free samples of their products. In this individual situation of mine, entrepreneurs didn’t create this need for me.

Oftentimes, buyers need a push to make a purchase because of the many purchasing options. A sales person in a car dealer will often attempt to match up a buyer’s need with her or his merchandise. Since purchasing an auto is a high participation, higher risk transaction, most buyers really are slow to make the last purchase. Mark Johnston and Greg Marshall, writers of Relationship Selling, additionally maintain that the customer will rarely purchase an item from an easy demonstration. This is why the nudging is essential for the business. Marketers need to completely understand consumer behaviour in any marketing initiatives.