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51928271 - close up on woman's notary public hand ink stamping the document. notary public concept

51928271 – close up on woman’s notary public hand ink stamping the document. notary public concept


まず、目標市場 – あなたが訴えたいコアグループの姿勢および人口統計の記述 – を定義する必要があります。第二に、研究の枠組み – ブランドが競争するクラス – を描写しなければなりません。




A positioning statement is an one- or two sentence instruction that articulates your service or product distinguishing value to your clients in relation to your chief competitors. A costly perfume may utilize the following as its placing statement: The greatest fragrance for the discerning lady, our fragrance provides an one-of-a kind floral scent instantly identifiable as classic and rare. After the statement is developed, you’ll use it to see if your advertising plan and tactics are encouraging to the statement. If they aren’t, develop other tactics which are supportive. A well conceived placing statement has four parts.

First, it has to define the target market – the attitudinal and demographics description of the core group to whom you wish to appeal. Second of all, it has to delineate the frame of research – the class wherein the brand competes.

Third, it has to point out the advantage, and 4th, it has to give the prospective consumer grounds to believe the brand may deliver on its promise. Once you’ve drafted a positioning statement, it’s time to test its strength. Ask yourself if the declaration is unforgettable and focused on the core customer, whether the image it produces in your brain is an obvious image of how your brand differs from the competition and be it reputable and enables the advancement of the brand.

Does it serve as a filter to make decisions about the brand? If you may answer affirmatively, your positioning statement is most probably strong. Once you’ve crafted your positioning statement, it’s best to leave it alone for a week or so, then come back to it to see in case it nevertheless passes the assessment requirements. Frequently, a week’s hiatus will assist your mind synthesize the statement. Reviewing the statement then might result in subtle changes that improve the value of the declaration. Positioning statements don’t have to be set in stone.