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ウェブサイトのユーザビリティ | WEBマーケティング用語

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website usability


この質問に対する答えは、ユーザビリティの最適化の基礎でなければなりません。Webページの下降負荷と機能速度を提供できない場合、それ以上の試みは役に立たないかもしれません。サーバーの機能、ネットワークの品質、サーバーの位置、ページ自体の高度化、キャッシングなどを含む 世界最高のウェブページのUIでさえ、低いレートで失敗に終わります。ユーザーは通常、ページが読み込まれる前に4〜5分以上待つことはありません。ウェブサイトのスピードを向上させる方法についての洞察を得るには、Google PageSpeed Insightsをチェックしてください。シンプルさはあなたの訪問者の心に不可欠です。



Competition on the modern web is huge, web site usability is crucial as never. If an internet site is complicated, individuals will leave it without thinking twice. It could take no more than ten seconds for visitors to make a decision whether to stay on your website or not. Even when you’ve the most powerful content as well as the most attractive design, the interface usability should be kept in mind. So prior to getting to optimize your web site usability, ask yourself the 5 questions outlined below, it’ll help you define the essential aspects you have to start from to improve your web site usability.

The answer to this question has to be a basis of your usability optimization. All your further attempts may just be useless if you can’t provide a descent loading and functioning speed for a webpage. Including server features, network quality, server location, sophistication of the page itself, caching, and far more. Even the world’s best webpage UI will be a failure at low rate. Users typically do not wait around for greater than 4-5 moments before the page loads. For insights on the way to improve your web site speed check Google PageSpeed Insights. Simpleness is the essential to your visitor’s hearts.

Take it as a premise that all your visitors are incredibly lazy. They do not need to make any complicated activities, fill in any forms, and discover ways to use your page. In case the visitor has to learn anyhow, the learning process has to be as short as possible and simple memorable for the further visits. Resulting from simplicity of the page as a whole, this question stands alone. It should be accessible from every page of your web site without excessive actions. It’s necessary that you enable your people to get at your main page from any place, simply as the search field.

Keep in mind that certainly not all the visits to your web site will start via the home page, so there should be a link leading to it. A typical choice is to have the page logo with a link to the main page in the top left corner. There are various discussions about basic functionality 3 click rules online. The less clicks a visitor must do to achieve his goal the better, so do not make obstacles for visitors. These results out of eyetracking research of how people read pages. Individuals who read out of left to right out of their very childhood may certainly drop their first look at the left part. Leave more free space, allow the visitors easily breathe.