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【AJWELP2019 クアラルンプール】

公開日:2019年01月29日 カテゴリー:講座・交流・慈善活動等 タグ:



ASEAN各国代表の女性起業家らは2日間濃密にビジネスプラン発表のスキル上げるための指導を徹底的に受け、最終日にアクセンチュア、カゴメなどの サポーターにそれぞれのプランを発表します。








【AJWELP2019 Kuala Lumpur】

I came to Kuala Lumpur for 3 days from January 27 to January 29 and I am participating in the event called AJWELP.

The organizer is UNCTAD (United Nations Trade Development), Japan ASEAN Center and SME.

The ASEAN-Japan Center is an international organization dedicated to the economic and person exchanges of trade, investment and tourism established in 1981 by governments of ASEAN countries and the Japanese government.

Female entrepreneurs from ASEAN national delegates thoroughly receive guidance to raise the skill of business plan announcement for two days and on the last day will present their respective plans to supporters such as AGOME,Accenture etc.

They are proficient owners who have received excellent awards such as gold medals in business competitions in many countries, many people prefer business opportunities in Japan. I am desperately preparing for today’s performance.

Through rich training programs, attitudes to resolve social issues in each country, such as representatives’ poverty, the environment, weak support, and tradition maintenance, are trying to resolve themselves with a high level of visibility is increasing the density.

There were concrete, passionate and logical guidance of coaches and mentors, and it was a wonderful preparation.

I am not looking forward to further driving the business on this occasion.

I was able to feel the momentum of Southeast Asia strongly through this ASEAN (KL) visit.

More encourage also Japan❗️ (^ ^)