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Vector infographic or web design template

Vector infographic or web design template




What most marketers do not understand is SEM falls under your category of Direct Response Marketing. SEM is just another form of direct response marketing and a lot of the same principles apply. Successful marketing messages resonate with the intended audience and the same controls apply to search marketing campaigns.

Here are a few direct response marketing principles which should also apply to your SEM campaigns: It can take work. Successful marketers have to continuously test response rates: copy, keywords, placement, pricing, messages, squeeze pages need to test. In direct response marketing, testing rules is never ending. Exactly like testing in direct mail, the cost of the campaign may be justified if the lift in the rate of conversion is sufficient to offset the expense. In case the lift in conversion offsets the cost of optimizing the pages, keep testing and roll out new ones. Just as savvy off-line marketers can say that piece of mail and from which specific message a client converted, you’ve to be capable to tell which keyword, message and referrer drove your sale.

Tracking is simple to do on Pay per click, harder on internet search engine optimization, but critical on both. Google rewards those with high click through rates on Pay per click by better placement, and the way to get high CTRs is to write great copy that resonates with your audience. Similar to an off-line campaign, on-line creative should be tested frequently. Successful marketers sell on benefits, not features, and look for the messages that play on their clients emotional responses to their service or product. With time, you’ll discover offers that work only on-line, but like off-line marketing, it comes throughout the same test and learn discipline.

The Lead to Sale rate of conversion is very important. Just as with the off-line world the key to conversions from search is providing the right hook in your listing at the right stage of the buying cycle, and after that converting that lead into a paying client with the right offer on your website landing web page. Like any good off-line campaign, you learn a whole lot from analyzing your testing and conversions. One set of keywords can perform significantly better than the rest, but because even changing a keyword from singular to plural may have dramatically different results, you need to test and analyze each variable separately.


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