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問題は、仮想アシスタントという言葉にあります。アシスタント – あなたがすでにやっていることに役立ちます。バーチャルアシスタントを採用しようとすると、どの程度広範なアシスタントが見つかるでしょうか。バーチャルアシスタントは、英語をほとんど話さない費用対効果の高い人から、ハイエンドのビジネスコンサルタントやコーディネーターまで、誰でもあなたを助けることができます。バーチャルアシスタントサービスを販売するのではなく、焦点と明快さが必要です。バーチャルバズアシスタントまたはバーチャルマーケティングアシスタントは、インターネットのビジビリティの作成に専念しています。専門にすることで、顧客は彼らが得ていることを正確に知ることができます。花の注文やホテルの予約などの追加要請は少なくなります。




The problem is in the term Virtual Assistant. Assistant – they help with something you’re doing already. If you try to employ a Virtual Assistant, you’ll find out just how broad. Virtual Assistants can be everybody from cost effective people that barely speak English to high end business consultants and coaches that offer to guide you as an assistant. Rather than selling Virtual Assistant services, there needs to have focus and clarity. The Virtual Buzz Assistants or Virtual Marketing Assistants that focus exclusively on creating Internet visiblity. By specializing, clients know exactly what they’re getting plus they’re less inclined to request additional stuff like ordering flowers or booking a hotel.

You don’t want marketing professionals doing that for you and more than you want a travel agent doing your Internet Marketing – but a lot of Virtual Assistants try to be all things to all people. Assuming you’re marketing an English language site, be sure they’re 100% fluent in English and familiar with the culture. It only takes one poorly chosen word to kill the message in marketing. Make certain they’re familiar with ethical practices in Internet Marketing. Doing stealth marketing or hiding your identity may get you in trouble. Visit the Word of Mouth Marketing Association for ethical guidelines.

If you can find a virtual assistant which has worked with a client in your industry before, even when it wasn’t completely successful, they still have a head start with that experience. It’s not hard to see if somebody gets Internet Marketing. If they do, they’re always developing resources that market their services and that they can use with clients. To start with, you need to have a clear objective in mind. Not something like increase sales, that’s too broad. Something like increasing web traffic by x or increase internet search engine visibility for particular keywords. If you’re specific with your goal, a good Virtual Assistant with Internet Marketing experience will be capable to put together specific activities which will lead to accomplishing your goals. A good Virtual Assistant is prepared to take some time to get at know your company and do some research.


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