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STP marketing is a 3 step approach to building a targeted marketing strategy. The S stands for segmenting, the T for targeting and the P for positioning. Going by means of this process allows a business owner and marketing consultants or employees to formulate a marketing plan that ties company, brand and product advantages to specific client market segments. The segmenting step is basically a brainstorming activity. You list out all the potential market segments you could target in an advertising campaign. Niche companies sometimes only have one target market, whilst other businesses can have five or 10 possible segments, or more.

Mobile phone providers frequently separate clients by benefits. Some buyers want high technology gadgetry while others want reliable communication for travel and emergencies. When you’ve multiple, unique market segments, you generally need to customize marketing campaigns that appeal to each. As you go throughout the STP process, you select which segment to target with your upcoming campaign. Utilizing the mobile phone example, you may decide to launch a brand new campaign to promote advanced mobile features, media, applications and text messaging tools to younger, technology savvy audiences. For this campaign, you’d develop messages and use media tailored to that market.

Positioning is how you align your brand or products in the target market. The goal is to offer something that’s bigger, better or more valuable than your competitors to a certain market section. Apple attempts to position itself as a cutting-edge, cutting edge technology provider to discerning technology buyers who want top quality solutions. Your positioning serves as your big picture guide in building your advertising campaign. Once you’ve strategized utilizing the STP process, the next thing is to implement your marketing tasks to achieve intended goals.


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