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広告業界では、2つの学校の間には戦いがあります。商品の人々は、すべての広告の競合で最高の勝者がより良い商品だと信じています。これがそうであれば、組織の広告プログラムの機能は組織の商品をライバルに比べて格段に優れた資質と利点を伝えることです。広告コミュニティのすべての若者は、アイテムスクールに参加する傾向があります。それは単純で論理的であり、最も重要なことですが、商品学校は誰もが知っている事実に合っています。 Red Bull、Starbucks、iPhoneなどのマーケットリーダーになることを望むなら、より良いサービスや商品を開発する必要があります。



多くのブランドの違いだけの役割が最初にあるかもしれません。それでは、どうやってリーダーを追い越すことができますか?ブランドスクールには、その質問に対する回答も付属しています。エンタープライズレンタカーは必ずしもヘルツより優れていませんでした。ブランドスクールのモットー:それはもっと良いこととは違う方が良いです。そうすれば、業界リーダーが優れたブランドだと人々は信じているので、あなたは1つを必要としません。 3番ブランドの華麗さは本当に妥当なものではない。


In the advertising community, there is a battle between two schools of thought. The merchandise people believe the greatest winner in every advertising conflict is the better merchandise. If this is so, goes the thinking, the function of an organization advertising program is to convey the qualities and advantages that make an organization merchandise definitely superior to its rivals. Every young person in the advertising community tends to join the item school. It’s simple, logical and most significant of all, the merchandise school fits the facts everyone knows. If you wish to eventually become market leaders like Red Bull, Starbucks, iPhone and many more, you need to develop the better service or merchandise.

How can anyone believe otherwise? Together with all the proof on the side of the merchandise school, how do anyone believe the brand is more essential than the merchandise? The important insight is perception. Everything in life is Perceptions. There are no exceptional products. There are only first-class perceptions in consumers heads. The function of perception There isn’t any question Red Bull has the perception to be the best energy drink. What else do we know about perceptions? they’re very difficult to change. Once an individual holds a strong perception about a particular brand, it is extremely challenging to change that perception.

Creating a much better coffee than Starbucks is a clear-cut job compared to developing an improved perception than Starbucks in people heads. The role of timing. The merchandise school does not need to worry about when to start a brand. At most, it could be smart to delay the introduction of the brand new brand so as to have the additional time to develop an excellent product. Since perceptions are hard to change, it is crucial to get into consumers minds before the competition does. That is why leader brands are often first in their categories. Motto of the brand school: It is better to be first than it’s to be better.

The role of differenceOnly a number of brands may be first. So how may an also ran overtake a leader? The brand school comes with an answer for that question, also. Enterprise Rent-A Car was not necessarily better than Hertz. Motto of the brand school: It is better to be different than it’s to be better. Then you do not need one because people believe the industry leader is the superior brand. A claim of brilliance by a No. 3 brand is not really plausible.

In case the brand was really exceptional, thinks the possibility, then how comen’t it the industry leader? Since everyone knows the better merchandise wins in the marketplace.